Introducing the vibrant adidas Energy Citrus Pack, infusing fresh energy and vivid colors into your season. This pack features Predator & Copagoalkeeper gloves, along with matching football boots from the Predator, Copa & X silos - perfectly crafted for optimal performance and unmistakable style.


    Worldwide, the adidas Predator Pro is the most played goalkeeper glove - championed by professionals like Manuel Neuer, Marc-André ter Stegen, and Kevin Trapp, as well as amateur and recreational goalkeepers.

    The promotional model of the adidas Predator stands out for its highly regarded professional-grade URG 1.0 latex foam - delivering maximum grip and control.

    Whether you're a pro or a beginner, the Predator range offers gloves with various cuts and models to suit every budget.


    Modern goalkeepers are more than just shot-stoppers! Football skills become increasingly vital each year, and as the goalkeeper of your team, you need the ideal footwear to maximize your potential.

    The Predator football boots not only catch eyes on the pitch but also provide optimal ball control and outstanding handling. Choose adidas Predator and set new standards in performance and style!


    Are you seeking a goalkeeper glove that blends classic elegance with cutting-edge technology? Then, the adidas Copa Pro is the perfect choice for you!

    The latex backhand will grant you the high level of stability you have always needed without restricting your movement.

    The elastic strap ensures optimal, personalized comfort with maximum stability in the wrist.

    The thumb wrap offers an extended catching area.


    adidas Copa models are an institution in the football world, enjoying cult status among goalkeepers and outfield players alike. Copa shoes are distinguished by their classic, wider cut, ensuring a comfortable fit and optimal ball control.

    Unlike the Predator and X models that focus on innovative technologies and futuristic design, Copa stands for timeless elegance and proven functionality. Discover the Copa football boots and experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation!


    Discover the adidas X Energy Citrus - the ultimate football boots for explosive acceleration and unparalleled lightness.

    In the world of football, it's all about speed. The adidas X Solar Energy is designed to help you achieve your maximum velocity and leave your opponents behind. Be the first to feel the difference!